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NEET Preparation Tips in 1 Month

NEET preparation tips in 1 month

     NEET preparation tips in 1 month 

Everyone has a dream and everyone want to be success in his life. Those students who want to be a doctor and go in the field of medical after class 10, they generally choose Biology as a main subject to study the Biology from the beginning. They study two years for their Boards examinations and also many students prepare for the Board examination as well as for NEET entrance exam together, for higher education, candidates be acquainted with that want to go a good & best college to study your NEET exam preparation.

Candidates want to admission in best college you have to give NEET exam. NEET exam is held after class 12th Board exam and there is no much time to prepare only for NEET. To get good marks in Board exam is held after 40- 50 days of Board. This is the main reason why the students are worried about NEET exam.

     NEET preparation tips 

  • This is the occasion of antagonism. So, the most important speed is the main thing in any competition exam.
  • According to NEET preparation Tips always remember NEET syllabus and Question generally comes from NCERT book so, revised NCERT and study important notes and gives more time to Biology.
  • Most importantly, study three subjects topics in a day, but two chapters from each subject read a lesson in one day.
  • Don’t be panic, stay calm also make time distribution 30-45 among Physics, Chemistry, Biology or depend on your concentration power.
  • Take a regular breaks while reading, drink plenty water and sometimes walk in the house but remembering not talk in out of house.
  • Revision organic and inorganic and also solved previous doubts question and clear the concepts.
  • Keep in mind to prepare hand notes for Biology, Chemistry and Physics according to NCERT.
  • For the revision of physical chemistry remember formula and solved many time on doubt question. NEET preparation tips 
  • The question of physics is easy, moderate difficult or more difficult. Generally Students use their time to revise only difficult numerical but most question focus on come from moderate difficult. So moderate difficult numerical in last day.
  • Regular test is very-very important solved previous year question in limited time, and practice more and more. If you take your weekly test, it is easy to you in exam to solve question easily and timely.NEET preparation tips in 1 month

     NEET Exam Most Important Chapters 

According to NEET preparation Tips always remember NEET syllabus and Question generally comes from NCERT book so, revised NCERT and study Most Important topics and gives more time to Biology.

Physics Most Important topics
  • Thermodynamic
  • Wave Optics
  • Oscillation
  • Semiconductor
  • Magnetism
  • Modern Physics
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Kinematics
  • Semiconductor
  • Current Electricity
  • Laws of Motion
 Chemistry Most Important topics
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Alcohols and Ethers
  • General organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • p Block Elements
  • Some Basic Concept of Chemistry
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • Carbonyl Compounds NEET preparation tips
 Biology Most Important topics
  • Cell Biology
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Genetics
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Microbes in Human Welfare
  • Plant Morphology
  • Reproduction in Flowering Plant
  • Endocrines System
  • Biological Classification
  • Biotechnology

NEET preparation tips in 1 month

     NEET Preparation: An Overview 

Name of Examination
National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test
Conducted By
National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Mode
Three (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Total Question
Exam Duration
Total Marks
720 (each question have 4 mark)
Subjective Wise Question
Negative Marking
1 Marks Deducted for 1 incorrectAnswer
Course offered through NEET Exam

     Best NEET Books for Preparation 

While NCERT books are best for covering all your basic concepts, some of the NEET books for each subject are tested in the examination. To prepare for NEET or any other medical entrance test, the key starts with NCERT and ends with NCERT. In the meantime, you can refer to the books below to learn more about topics and practice questions. Go to the best NEET books for reference only if you have completely modified your NCERT books. Try not to see many books at once because it can be confusing. 
NEET preparation tips
     Practice Previous Year Question Paper 

One of the most effective methods for preparing for the exam is to practice with the previous year questions of previous examinations. Also, an old exam will help you look at the format and formulation of questions and it would be good for you to know what you should expect to measure the time required for the actual exam. NEET preparation tips
     Best NEET preparation tips in 1 month 
  • Keep NEET syllabus in Mind
  • Only follow NCERT Book
  • Practice NEET Mock Tests
  • Study online Coaching
  • Practice NEET previous year question
  • Every day Proper study timetable

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