Notice Writing Format, Topics and Notice Writing Examples

Notice Writing Format, Topics and Examples

Notice Writing format, Topics and Notice writing Examples for class 5 to 12th all information and how to write a attractive Notice & get full mark.

Notice Writing Format, Topics and Notice Writing Examples

Notice is a very important form of written letter by persons and organizations. It gives information to a large number of people about any events, meeting, occasions and competitions. And to announce what has happened or is going to happen and or what will happen. It is written in simple language on usually. Notice is displayed or boarded in public places.

Top 10 Best Notice Writing Topics

  1. Notice for Meeting
  2. Compitition
  3. An exhibition
  4. Lost & Found
  5. Examination
  6. Seminar
  7. Appeal/Warning
  8. Celebration
  9. Blood Donation Camp
  10. Notice for free admission in school

English Writing Section Class 12th Exam

In the CBSE 5 to 12th board exam, four marks questions are asked from the section that writes section B and there are two options, one of which has to be answered. Answer any one of the following four topics given below.
  • Advertisements
  • Notice Writing
  • Poster Writing
  • Formal/Informal Invitation and Replies Writing

Marking Scheme

If we talk about that you will get 4 marks on notice writing in CBSE class 12 examinations, then check the marking scheme below and accordingly you will be awarded marks.

  • Format: 1 Mark [Include: Name of association/ organizations, the word 'Notice', date, heading, writer's name and Designation]
  • Content: 2 Marks [Must answer the questions: what?, who?, whom?, when?, where?, how? etc]
  • Expression: 1 mark [spellings, grammatical accuracy]
Total: 4 Marks

Suggested Value Points

  • Write only 50 words to avoid marks cuts.
  • Write the organization/institute name on the top issuing the Notice.
  • Write the ‘Notice’ word in capital letter.
  • Date of issue of notice.
  • Give a suitable heading or subject.
  • Clearly and write attractive body content (Why issued notice).
  • Write Signature, name and destination of the person issuing the notice.
  • Do not retype any words.
  • Always notice is written in a box.
  • Try the present tense and the future tense.
  • Do not give your personal information in notice.
  • Write down some effective points to make a notice effective.
  • Avoid word like I and you.

Format of a Notice

Whenever a student writes a notice, always take care of 4 things and write a notice by making a box.

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Notice Writing Format, Topics and Notice Writing Examples

6 things must be written while writing the notice:
  1. Name of Organization
  2. Notice
  3. Date
  4. Topics/ Heading/ Subject
  5. Body of the Notice
  6. Signature

Examples of Notice Writing Format

Example: As a library of St. Paul Senior Secondary School Lucknow, draft a notice in not more than 50 words asking all students and teachers to return library books two days before the responsibility for the exam.

20th June, 202X
Last date for return of library books

Students are reminded to keep library books in the library until June 30, 202X, to avoid the situation of being deprived of sitting for the board examination. Teachers are also requested to return the books in good time to help whole the library books.

Rohit Singha
(Library Head)

Example: You are Anjali / Ankit, Secretary Gokuldham Society. You are going to organize a blood donation camp. Try to get members of your society to come in large numbers for this serious reason. Invent all the necessary details. Write notices in more than 50 words.

Gokuldham Society
15th April, 202X
Blood Donation Camp

The OPD is organizing a Blood Donation Camp on 26th April, 202X in the society Hall from 02 am. Trained doctors will be available to carry out the process. Inhabitants above the age of 22 and below 55 years with a good medical history are urged to helper in large numbers for this gracious cause.

(Secretary, OPD)

Example: As Principal of DAV Public School, Pune, draft the notice in no more than 50 words to notify the students about the change in school timings with effect from 2nd March.

DAV Public School, Pune
25th February, 202X
Change School Timing

Notice is hereby given that due to the onset of summer, the school time will be from 4 am to 12 pm and 5 pm to 4 pm, the students should be present on time from 2 March, and Students coming from far away come on time.

(School Head)

Example: Draft a notice not more than 50 words you are Sanjana / Sumit as sports secretary of XYZ Public School, Mumbai, for your school notice board informing students about the sale of old sports goods of your school.

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XYZ Public School, Mumbai
15th March, 20XX
Old Sports Sale

This notice seeks to inform all the students of the school that the Sports Authority has arranged for the sale of old sporting goods at a very reasonable price. All students can sell their sports material by March 20, 20XX.

(Head Girl)

Example: You lost your Sonata watch in your class. Draft a notice to be placed in your school notice board not more than 50 words. You are a student of class12th of Dindayal Bahadur High School, Kashipur. Your are Sumit/Soniya.

Dindayal Bahadur High School, Kashipur
30th July, 20XX
Lost & Found

This notice notify all students that I have lost my watch during prayer time. It is a black coloured Sonata watch with red stripes. It was lost at 11 am yesterday. Whoever is the finder of this watch will be given a good reward. Contact the finder's head office.

(Class 7th)

Example: Draft a notice that should not be more than 50 words written by the captain of class 10th of Sunil / Shabnam, Basant Public School, Bajidpur, Write on your school notice board that the students will celebrate the annual function, which they want to participate in it.

Basant Public School, Bajidpur
20th January, 20XX

Celebrate Annual Function

All the students are informed that the notice school will be celebrated annul function in the school on January 25,20XX. Students who wish to participate in it should inform the captain of class X up to January 20, 20XX.

(Head Girl)


You have now taught how notice is written and notice many times appear in the English subject examination of classes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th. Keep in mind the main points given while writing the Notice; you will be able to write the notice easily in the examination, office, school and any other place.

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